Centre International d'Accueil

et d'Echanges Interculturels de Ngaoundéré.

CIAEI is a center and meeting place for cultural and competence exchange located in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. The center is located at the headquarters of the EELC (Eglise Evangélique Luthérienne du Cameroun) and in many ways a continuation of the old mission station in Ngaoundéré which was built by the mission organizations NMS (The Norwegian Mission Society) and ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). CIAEI is today an international center owned by EELC, NMS and ELCA, the center is open for activities and bookings from individuals and groups from EELC, NMS and ELCA including all its partners in different countries.

CIAEI's vision is to develop a church powerhouse in Ngaoundéré that will be a place where people from Cameroon and the outside world can meet to exchange ideas and experiences in a safe and comfortable setting and in an atmosphere that will provide inspiration and energy to develop new constellations of collaboration across national borders, professions and cultures.

For individuals and groups, CIAEI can offer:

Accommodation in single rooms, apartments or family houses


Seminar and conference facilities

Pool and outdoor facilities for sports and leisure activities

Language course in French and Fulani

Introductory course in cultural sensitivity

For more information and reservations contact the reception:

reception@ciaei.org +237 691 910 150

Mr. Houyamne, Enok Head of the language and culture department enokh@nms.no +237 6 91 91 29 24

Mr. Zacharie Hotami, Head of the guesthouse department zacharie.ciaei@gmail.com +237 691 907 274

Ms. Catherine Salpou, Head of restaurant and conference department cathysalpou@yahoo.fr +237 691 907 268