Centre International d'Accueil

et d'Echanges Interculturels de Ngaoundéré.

CIAEI is a center for culture and competence exchange under the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon, EELC. It is part of the old mission station in Ngaoundere, Cameroon, built by missionaries NMS and ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America). The center is open to EELC and it's partners.

We offer:

  • Accommodation
  • Language course in French and Fulani
  • Restaurant
  • Seminar and conference facilities

For more information and reservations contact:

Reception: reception@ciaei.org / +237 691 91 0150

Mireille Yinfene. Responsible for the guesthouses

Catherine Salpou, Responsable for restauration and conference

Gunnar Rangøy, Missionary of the NMS